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​​A former fast-food chain executive, Herman Cain emerged as a Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination.

Sometimes called the Hermanator, Herman Cain earned degrees from Morehouse College and Purdue University, Cain worked for Coca-Cola and Pillsbury Company, where he was an executive for the Burger King brand .  In 2004, Cain made a failed bid for the Senate. He returned to the political fold in 2011 as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

George Hoffman 


Jim Myers

Vice President

Burger King, N.A.

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Don Smith

Herman Cain

Donald N. Smith was hired in 1978 to give the then Pillsbury owned Burger King chain of restaurants a much needed helping hand.  Donald restructured corporate business practices for every level of the company including updated agreements, more standardized restaurant designs and a more lively menu.

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