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Founder and current CEO of Whole Foods, Mackey is the epitome of the American Entrepreneur.  He is a strong supporter of free market economics, has strong anti-union views, and co-wrote the best-selling book Conscious Capitalism, which was released in 2013. He is one of the most influential advocates in the movement for organic food.
Mackey built Whole Foods into an multinational organization, with outlets in major markets across the country, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom. 
In 2006, Mackey announced he was reducing his salary to $1 a year, would donate his stock portfolio to charity, and set up a $100,000 emergency fund for staff facing personal problems. He wrote: “I am now 53 years old and I have reached a place in my life at which I no longer want to work for money, but simply for the joy of the work itself and to better answer the call to service that I feel so clearly in my own heart.”

The highest ranking firefighter to survive the World Trade Center collapse on September 11, 2001, Chief Richard “Pitch” Picciotto was in the midst of a search and rescue mission in the towers when he soon found himself trapped in the smoldering rubble of the North Tower. He emerged almost unscathed after more than four hours of being tripped and recounts the story in his New York Times bestselling book, Last Man Down. On stage, “Pitch” inspires audiences as he focuses on the strength of the human spirit rather than death and destruction. He also hits on the importance of personal values, how hope and positivity can emerge from tragedy, how to lead effectively in times of uncertainty, and the importance of training and preparedness.

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